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Elio Del Nest
Urban life with nature
฿ 1.98M

Basic information

  • ID 142
  • Building name Elio Del Nest
  • Property type Apartment
  • Decoration Plain Decoration
  • Developer Ananda Development
  • Property right Freehold
  • Possession data 2020-02
  • Down Payment 30%


393 Thanon Udom Suk, Khwaeng Bang Na, Khet Bang Na, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10260, Thailand


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"Elio Del Nest"-Urban Life with Nature (Urban Life with Nature) Urban life surrounded by nature

Urban life and nature, city life surrounded by nature "Elio Del Nest"


【Project Description】

– The concept of Elio Del Nest Introduction is to "integrate urban life with nature", allowing us to live a city life, accompanied by the tranquility of natureand reflect ourselves in every aspect of life. 

– Elio Del Nest is characterized by large-scale facilities and a design similar to the mountain creek (Mountain Creek), with the interconnected (Ultimate Court) graphic design, so that each building is connected to the public area, from the front of the project to the back of the building.

 – Elio Del Nest can move into an apartment immediately, or fully furnished, emphasizing the spatial arrangement of effective space (Space Efficiency), so that each space can be effectively used and the use of furniture to solve the life's needs .



"Udomsuk" is an old community full of delicious food, and another area that is developing into a city. Especially Udomsuk is like everyone’s friends connecting all the districts together, whether it is the road ahead, "Sukhumvit Road", which is the main part of the city. The road, next to the "Srinakarin Road", will have yellow trams passing by in the future, or you can use the Bangna-Trad road; all this makes the Udomsuk area very suitable for living here. Udomsuk is still an area full of colors and lifestyle. Starting from the high-quality'One Udomsuk' mini community mall to the Community Mall near the Udomsuk tram station, in the Community Mall, the number of shops is not emphasized,but the quality and variety of the shops are emphasized, so that we can enjoy a walk.



Or take the tram to visit the uniquely designed Early Bird Coffee & Dessert Bar. This is a relaxed atmosphere cafe, allowing us to change the working atmosphere, including hanging out with friends at night, or changing the atmosphere to tasting good tea in T's Room 56 , It offers British afternoon tea with homemade delicious desserts. It is another relaxing place to rest. In the future, Udomsuk will still be the location of Thailand’s largest department store, The Bangkok Mall. In the past, you can visit Seacon Square, Jas Urban, Srinakarin Train Market, Central Plaza Bangna, Mega Bangna and IKEA, or ask someone to drive to Samut Prakan. Enjoy the scenery, whether it is Bang Pu Resort, Bang Krachao, Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, Botanical Garden, etc.


Since Udomsuk is an area with convenient transportation, whether it is using private cars or public transportation, Udomsuk has become an area to answer urban life, and it is also an old community full of delicious food. Therefore, it is not uncommon if Udomsuk is the focus of investors. Today, we would like to introduce you to a high-level apartment, which is characterized by a large courtyard, offering you another option in the atmosphere of nature.

Blending the urban life with nature

【Project Location】

The 7 apartments of Elio Del Nest are located close to Sukumvit 103 Road or Udomsuk Lane. Its advantage lies in transportation. Because Elio Del Nest is only 750 meters away from Udomsuk tram station, it is a walking distance, and there are many good things on both sides of the road. Eating food is very lively even at night. More importantly, there is the newly opened Makro Food Service opposite the apartment, so there is no need to worry about food.


The concept of Elio Del Nest is, "Blending the urban life with nature" (Blending the urban life with nature), allowing us to live urban life, accompanied by the tranquility of nature, and reflect every aspect of ourselves in life. Level. Elio Del Nest is characterized by large facilities, and hills similar to Mountain Creek, with many large trees and flowers just right decorated. Starting from the interconnected graphic design of the 7 apartments with a public area in the middle, each building is connected to the public area, from the front of the project to the back of the building. And the conspicuous Mountain Creek-style design, with a hill-like landscape, in the atmosphere of the villa surrounded by the natural environment.


The public area includes a large outdoor swimming pool, gym, shared office space, game room, and the courtyard around the project. More importantly, Elio Del Nest also designed a green wall (Green Wall) from the upper floor of the building to the lower floor, making the public area It is like a natural hilly landscape.

【Project Facility】

The public area of Elio Del Nest is located on the 9th floors of the parking building. Because it is the top floor, it can be designed as a large outdoor Mystery Sky Pool. The swimming pool has a gentle design that gives a gentle and modern atmosphere, especially When the designer’s design makes a part of the swimming pool protrude outside the building, it gives a feeling of freedom and soothing.


At the same time, the design of the gym is also very special. The circular and open 360-degree design and the big tree in the middle of the gym make us feel closer to nature. There is a complete and selected fitness equipment. Elio Del Nest also learned about the new style of a new generation  , so the design of shared office space, to solve the new generation do not like monotonous working atmosphere.

【Project Feacture】

Gradually from upstairs to downstairs, you will find that Elio Del Nest has a very unique design for the downstairs, whether it is the design of the hall to make it a part of nature, that is the open space and through large comfortable furniture, Add the atmosphere of the villa, and the lobby will be interconnected with the green plant wall or the courtyard surrounding the project.


As for the green area, Elio Del Nest not only designs large trees and grass, but also imitates the transparent blue stream, which is like a natural river flowing through the forest area, giving a cool atmosphere, and at the same time, it also has the function of natural air conditioning, the source of the stream. It is an additional swimming pool besides Mystery Sky Pool.

In terms of accommodation rooms, Elio Del Nest emphasizes the spatial arrangement of effective space (Space Efficiency), so that each space can be used effectively, that is, the design enables the use of furniture to solve life's needs because Elio Del Nest provides complete furniture, And the apartment that can be moved in immediately, the accommodation room here, so it can answer the needs of every age and every style of life.

As mentioned above, Elio Del Nest allows us to live in the embrace of nature, while maintaining our own characteristics and the life style of urban people.


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