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Quintara Kenet Ratchada 12
The project is located in the core of the brilliant Rama9CBD, in the embassy area, with complete facilities and large appreciation space.
฿ 2.69M
  • 20% Down Payment
  • 5% Annual Rental Income

Basic information

  • ID 9
  • Building name Quintara Kenet Ratchada 12
  • Property type Apartment
  • Decoration Fully Decoration
  • Developer Eastern Star
  • Property right Freehold


94 Ratchadaphisek 12 Alley


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The Lulu Pavilion is composed of two L-shaped 8-story apartment buildings. The two buildings are enclosed to form a private public space inside the project. It is not difficult to see that in the interaction between buildings and buildings, the Chinese Taoist thought of Yin and Yang is adopted, aiming to allow every household to enjoy sufficient public facilities in a limited space, and have the same spaciousness. Viewing field of view.

In terms of the functional division of public facilities, the first floor is equipped with a lounge, social club and other functional spaces, and the third floor is equipped with an energy zone, including a game room and Creator Studio, used for Youtuber to shoot videos online. In addition, the small area is divided by a human-subsidiary flow line, and there are two sub-offices for the exit and maneuvering to ensure the safety of the traffic in the community to the maximum. The facade has a very modern design. The overall exterior design is stylish and simple, using white and dark gray as the main color of the mud material as the main structure material, in conjunction with the large glass windows of black, Highlight the elegance.

The small area connects the lively and natural central area of the city. It is equipped with a [Water Pool] swimming pool with a width of 4.5 degrees, a length of 20 degrees, and a depth of 1.2 degrees. The water of the swimming pool and the surrounding green trees surround the landscape in the middle of the project, forming a unique and private space. [Water pool] In the design, a human-like acoustic design is adopted. By creating the sound when the water flows at a special height and speed, it relaxes the surrounding acoustic environment and relaxes the owners and residents.

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